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Description of Services

Scale-up Services:

Technology Scale-up: the transitions from bench to pilot and from pilot to demonstration or full scale are the most critical times for a new technology and there are a multitude of pitfalls to avoid. If your company is ready to begin the process of designing a first of it’s kind pilot plant or is ready to scale up from a pilot plant to a full scale plant, we are available to help. We can join your team for the entire process from conceptualisation to operating plant, or we can step in just where you need a bit of extra help. Examples of specific services include:
  • A. Review of bench scale and pilot data prior to beginning the design to advise on what, if any, additional data might be required before beginning the design
  • B. Workshops with your team to define the design criteria for your pilot plant
  • C. Pre-fabrication review of plant design: this is the time to have some outside eyes review the design before the big dollars are spent
  • D. HAZOPs: we can facilitate, or we can join the team to bring in outside expertise
  • E. Project Management services for the design, construction, commissioning and start-up
Systems Scale-up: As companies grow they must perform a careful balancing act of introducing enough systems and procedures to ensure that the company doesn't devolve into chaos, while not hampering the agility and innovation that are required for a small company to succeed. We have done this now for a number of technology companies, and can help your company do the same. We will start with a workshop with your team to review your current processes and identify gaps where something more is needed and then customise our level of involvement subject to your company’s needs and desires. Three examples of levels of involvement are shown to give an idea of what that can look like:
  • A. Your team takes the workshop recommendations and produces the systems and procedures.
  • B. Your team produces the required systems and procedures under our guidance and support, with us reviewing their work on a regular basis.
  • C. We produce the required systems and procedures, with regular feedback and input from your team to ensure buy-in.

Other Services:

Commissioning and Start-up: This is the part of a project where schedules slide and budgets are blown. Sanguinetti Engineering and its associates have led multiple commissioning and start-up teams and will help guide you to a successful start-up of your next plant.
Owner’s Representative: If you have a 3rd party doing the work for you, but want an experienced set of eyes watching over them to look after your interests, we will be those eyes.
Process Engineering: We will support your company with basic or detailed process engineering services.
Drafting: AutoCAD drafting for piping and instrumentation drawings (P&ID’s), process flow diagrams (PFD’s), general arrangement drawings (GA’s), and other related drawings.